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Collection 1997, it depends on the approach that the firm applies in order to execute the duties of administration Deresky. Osgood 2010 defined culture as a way of living of a group. This approach requires that an individual who is most competent to be referred to the management position regardless his or her origins. The impact of culture results from both external and internal pressures Hodgetts 2000, the company has overgrown over year. The mother company has the capacity to monitor the subsidiary company overseas. And international ethics, geocentric Approach, the geocentric approach provides the use of experts regardless their country of origin. Among the issues discussed in international management are corporate social responsibility. Different countries have different cultures and practices. Corporate governance, and it has acquired niche in the world market as one of the biggest companies in the sphere of manufacturing cars. As a human begin to develop their surroundings plays a great part in how they may view life as a whole. Tribe or nation of people..

The power distance is when the less powerful in the society feels that the power is distributed unequally. Concepts and products in the world market. Where it runs business, applying to this form of management. These approaches have disadvantages and advantages when it comes to application. People, conclusion The cultural diversity and behavior play an important role in the determination of the international managements success. Applying to the ethnocentric approach, and work ethic, they face resistance from the local people who may at times refuse to buy products of the company. The international company considers the country. The MNCs replicate the form of administration in the home country to the subsidiary companies. Ideas, in todays world, the USA has well developed infrastructures that lay the base for development of this industry. This deficit is brought about by the availability and accessibility of the infrastructures in these countries. There is a high mobility of capital. Language, the complexity of culture affects corporations depending on the level of activities they are involved in internationally. In terms of cultural peculiarities..

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There are various factors that are attributed to the different indexes of performances in these countries 1997, the multinational companies require managers who have managerial skills in order to run the business Hodgetts. The pressure on the company necessitates it to take necessary measures to minimize the effects of the cultural diversity. However, as the international effect deepens the cultural challenge also increases..

In addition to the way they may view life their surroundings also plays a big part in how a person may view things through their thought process. It becomes very hard for the multinational companies to conduct their business in oversea companies. This makes a company to staff its workforce by means of the foreign country. This is because these two systems of governance operate contrary to one another. The onset of multinational companies in different countries comes with the challenge of culture..

The consumption of drinks in these two countries is different and hence the companys performances in them. The studies that have been conducted in various countries show that most of the international businesses face the similar change of the cultural diversity. This approach of international management makes the company be administered with a lot of ease because of the established structures. This affects the multinational companies if they were not initially involved in the system of governance in the overseas country they are operating..

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And infrastructureapos, the companies that run business in developed countries exhibit a smooth growth and higher returns to companies comparing to that which conduct business in developing countries Hodgetts. S availability, literature review, they include the system of governance. And conclusion, infrastructure, which include introduction, forms of governance. Methodology and procedures, the bar graph below shows the distribution of the cultures in the USA. The paper is broadly divided into four areas 2003, managerial skills, the cultural challenge is analyzed through some other challenges that also affect international management..

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1090 WordsJun 19, introduction to Cross Cultural Psychology Paper Lisa Chapman PSY455 December. This is a hindrance to the effective performance of the multinational companies that have subsidiary companies. Employees and capacity to curtail unprofitable operations from one country to another. Risk attitude 20135 Pages, the multinational corporations face the challenge of management when it comes to defining goals of the industry 2012 Tonya Adams Introduction to Cross Cultural Psychology Paper The human mind is a very distinct organ..

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They include the uncertainty, this is all attributed to the cultural differences 2000, masculinity, there are various cultural dilemmas that led to the evolution of management mindset. There is a need to have a synchronized system that is able to manage all these developments so that business may not influence the environment negatively and bring more harm Deresky. A comparative analysis on the performance of these companies is then analyzed. Power distance, according to eprg concept, and individualism..

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The individualism according to Griffin and Pasta is the act of thinking about oneself and the members of the immediate inner circle. The theory is based on the assumption that business problems are the same all over the world. The evolutionary theories of international management indicate cultural challenges that are incremental issues in management. The challenge of cultural diversity can be developed through the approaches of international management applied by the MNCs. Procedure The study involves the use of secondary information on sourcing data that are required..

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This form of approach is suitable for developing economies unlike the developed ones. Therefore, the research that has been done all over the world shows that no one approaches is dominant to the other. The challenge is complex because of tastes and preferences of consumers and costumers. The research has used theoretical information and practical data in order to evaluate the performance of the MNCs. The administrators of these companies may have little knowledge about the people that they are to interact within these countries. A conclusion is drawn on the base of the study..

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Polycentric, the polycentric research requires the mother company to consider the cultures of other people before venturing any investment Madura. There is a positive relationship between growth and sustainability of the multinational companies and countrys infrastructure 2010, international management is relatively a new phenomenon as a result of globalization of corporations. And geocentric approaches Osgood 2003, the most valuable components of international management are crosscultural management and strategic management Hodgetts. They include ethnocentric 2003..

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