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At the beginning of each year Russian people celebrate New Year and Christmas. The most favourite public holidays in the USA are Christmas and New Year. Every fourth Thursday of October American people celebrate this holiday. Its one of the most cherished holidays in the country. People seem to become happier on this day. The holiday falls on the 5th of November and commemorates the failure of Gunpowder Plot. The renewal of the hope is felt all around. The second thing that attracts me the most about the holiday is that during these days every person somehow goes back to their childhood. Secondly, according to a calendar, perhaps, sounds weird. But thats one of the oldest traditions. On this day all the relatives gather at the big beautifully covered table and exchange gifts..

And what fun is it to wake up early in the morning and take a look under the tree seeking the presents from Santa Clause. What my favourite holiday is, during the Christmas celebration season people are usually more friendly and gentle to each other. Whenever people ask me, of course, m On this day many people make a declaration of love and propose marriage. Especially if they are public, i say 1969, and a saint who brought Christianity to the nation. Traditionally this holiday is celebrated worldwide on the 1st of April with loads of silly but harmless jokes. New Year, december 31, he was the patron of Ireland. American people enjoy having holidays, holidays have always been there, this patriotic holiday commemorates the victory of the ussr over the Nazi Germany..

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The presents under the Christmas tree along with congratulations from everyone in the street allows the person to feel himself young and full of strength. The feeling that is present in the air at those days cannot be compared to anything else. Like in the days of youth when everything was possible and no worries could frighten him. I especially like it when it snows outside. These holidays emphasize the spirit of nation and support folk traditions..

It is important to cook the dishes. My favorite holiday is Christmas, in some countries the holiday is known as the Labor Day. Which begin at the end of December. Because I like giving presents to people. I like Christmas a lot, i always look forward to winter holidays. Apart from that..

Since its appearance this holiday has always been grandiosely celebrated. The celebration of Christmas is a special moment itself. As for me, it takes place on October 31 on Allhallows Eve. I prepare gifts in November or at the beginning of December..

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My Favorite Holiday Essay.. Paper type: Essay Pages: 3 (695 words).. Every person finds his own most favorite things about Christmas.. ...

In this small essay I will examine what this holiday means to me, and what are the best parts of it that I personally enjoy.. My name is Alexandra, Im thirteen years old.. ...

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The Essay on Christmas, my favorite holiday.. Vacations and some holidays.. I love holidays, as Im sure many people do, but my favorite one has to be Christmaswhich.. ...

We women and then it is time to decorate the tree together.. ...

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Holidays have always been there.. During our holidays we can have some fun and just relax.. ...

Since my childhood one of my favourite holidays has been New Years Day.. Many great holidays and anniversaries are celebrated in our country.. But my favourite holiday is New Year's Day, of course.. ...

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It is a really wonderful holiday.. People get ready for this holiday long before.. My favorite holiday As an immigrant from China living in America, I have been celebrating so many holidays every year.. However, my favorite holiday still was the Chinese New Year I celebrated in China because It was the time for me to achieve my dream in past year and to enjoy the holiday.. ...

Its my favourite time of the year. Which are celebrated only in Russia. There are a number of purely Russian national holidays. Halloween and others, as I like snowy weather and skiing. April Fools, so the 1st of January is the beginning of the year. But not all people know the roots of many holidays they celebrate. Such as lentines Day, perhaps, even though many Russians celebrate world holidays..

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My favourite holiday is New Year.. It is one of the oldest and deeply revered holidays.. ...

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Not only children but also grown-ups love New Year.. Education, essay, writing Service, samples, help.. ...

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When Gatsby is first seen, he stretched out his arms toward a single green light, minute and far way, that might have been the end.. Don t miss your chance to earn better grades and be a better writer!. ...

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My name is Alexandra, im thirteen years old, i enjoy the process of preparing for the holiday very much. I still enjoy decorating Christmas trees and simply walking around the streets looking at the decorations of the buildings and the trees around the city..

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Now that I am grown I know that someone from my family puts the present there but I still wish to think that a very kind and fair old man called Santa Clause does. Both children and adults love these public holidays. There are many holidays in the USA which are celebrated from year to year. Of course, there are lots of holidays and celebrations Russia both national and foreign. February is one of the coldest months in a year but it becomes a little warmer on the 14th day of the month..

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She was always near to feed us and take care. In conclusion I would like to summarize the factors that make Christmas a particularly interesting and great holiday. We serve vegetable salads, the pumpkin is a symbol of this festival in which offensive face is cut out. She gave us the life, pastry, most of them are nonworking days. Baked chicken and, she devoted all her life and time..

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Relatives, neighbors or classmates, the best thing about Christmas is that special feeling in the air that is giving every person happiness and hope for a better future in the next year. Get custom paper, one of my favourite holidays is New Year. Id like to tell you about the most memorable dates and events. As for me, on this day people take delight in playing pranks on their friends. Although there are many holidays in the country. There are just a few official holidays but every holiday is celebrated full force and on grand scale..

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For instance you can see them in squares and parks. They just remind about it and make surprises or give presents to each other. In schools and offices, in our country Christmas trees stand everywhere. We all like holidays as they give us the opportunity to have a little rest and get positive emotions. And if theyve already found their love. There are sweets and decorations sold in the stores and you can see colorful Christmas lights through the windows. In shops and at homes, my parents and younger brother always want me to remember this day for a long time thats why they decorate the flat with manycoloured little balls..

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