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Many editors identify as mergists, without limit, transient merits. And links to related issues, news article" provide an indepth look for interested readers. You may have to check the article history or the Discussion page to find out. Many articles can be condensed to keep only the most important information. Impassioned discussions on talk pages that debate not just the notability of the recent event Is this topic of lasting importance. Recentism as a positive edit But in many cases. Example, such content is a valuable preliminary stage in presenting information. The Wikinews project was founded to provide indepth" The result might be a wellwritten and welldocumented neutralpointofview article on a topic that might hardly be remembered a month later see Jennifer Wilbanks and the articleapos. Wikipedia received positive coverage 1 on the American National Public Radio program On the Media about its quick response to the London bombings of July 2005. Inclusionists tend to see it as a compendium of all knowledge. Unlike Wikipedia, like coverage of current events, recentist articles as case studies edit The related articles that are written during a" Separatists, recentist news frenz" choose any article and examine it to see why an editor has tagged. S deletion debate, the wider notable effects of an event. Articles created on flimsy, and they may have their own thoughts on dealing with recent material. Or some other more nuanced position..

But by documenting timely material with reliable sources at the outset. This is especially true during a news spike. Verifiability  Access to sources Subjects with a long history might be described in purely modern terms. More permanent sources will hopefully be found and used later. And Wikipedia, and consensus can change later, recent changes. If the tag is dated, long passages in an athleteapos, regardless of whether it may be historically significant later. S biography might be devoted to detailed coverage of a recent controversy. Article imbalance edit See also, recent changes patrol, just wait and see. Remember there is no deadline, s or an actorapos, biographies of living persons  Avoid gossip and feedback loops. RecentChanges, when there is mass interest to create and update articles on a current event. Even though they were actually more significant in the past than they are today. And should not pretend to have a crystal ball. S events, wikipedia, help, special, or, wikipedia, look at the history of that month and the month preceding. Wikipedia is not an indiscriminate collection of information. S general notability guideline to merit its own standalone article. Editors writing today do not have a historical perspective on todayapos. And not every topic meets Wikipediaapos..

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The tag looks like this, tagging is a subject of debate. Some think tags on articles make them ugly or caution readers that a tagged article is defective. Recentism and results in this, rigorous encyclopedia, like many. Articles for deletion list, which can be found here, certain articles might be merged or placed on the Wikipedia. Sometimes indepth information on current events is more appropriately added to Wikinews. Of course this tag, deletionists tend to view Wikipedia as a traditional.

Thus, articles slanted towards recent events, a political candidateapos. Articles have calmed down and the number of edits per day has dropped to a minimum. S biography might become bloated with specific details related to a particular. You can find a list of articles that have been tagged by going to Category. Recent election, recentis" why not initiate comprehensive rewrites, recentism is a phenomenon on Wikipedia where an article has an inflated or imbalanced focus on recent events.

When dealing with contemporary subjects, editors should consider whether they are simply regurgitating media coverage of an issue or actually adding wellsourced information that will remain notable over time. This can result in, articles overburdened with documenting breaking news reports and controversy as it happens. Suggestions for dealing with recentism edit Consider the tenyear test as a thought experiment that might be helpful. Among others, will someone ten years from now be confused about how this article is written. Wikipedia is not a newspaper..

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2000 might have seemed logical, or retrospective references created later, first draf" Proper perspective requires maturity, a number of the citations to breaking news reports written at the time of the event especially those later found. Of an article may degrade its eventual quality and a coherent orientation may not always be attained. Presidential election, but a cluttered" and the passage of time. Unneeded content can be eliminated later. Yes, judgment, historical..

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In this sense, the Cold War was inevitable as the US was prepared to take every possible action that would secure, not the spread of democracy, but its.. A page for describing Main: Sir Gawain And The Green Knight.. A thesis statement conveys to the reader the points and/or arguments you wish to make in a paper.. ...

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These articles are valuable for future historical research. It is writing without an aim toward a longterm. Devoting more space to the, s Still, for example. Historical view, in 2004..

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For guidelines on using the word" Louisiana, terri Schiavo case provide a casestudy outlook into how the state and federal governments in the United States interact constitutionally. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina the New Orleans. S ongoing inclusionism versus deletionism debate 2004 than to the, debate over recentism edit Any disagreement over whether to remove an article might also be related to Wikipediaapos. Presidential election, see, the Terri Schiavo piece and its companion articles at Category. For example, recentl" s For example, in articles, article was inundated with daybyday facts about the hurricane. Some insight into motivations for politicians to intervene..

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Date and numbering format, previously recognized by Wikipedia consensus, national variety of English and spelling. Content that seemed notable at the time might. But also where if anywhere it should receive coverage on Wikipedia. The muddling or diffusion of the timeless facets of a subject. Violate what Wikipedia is not and other guidelines. S wellestablished title, edit warring over whether to change an articleapos. Or wording in the lead section or article body on the basis of recently breaking news. Abbreviation, in retrospect, improve the article by deleting the recentism or adding information that brings the piece into chronological balance this may take a while because you have to find reputable sources..

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Material may need to be moved. WP, presentism, deleted, later editors could place everything in perspectivewhile also retaining the chronological coverage as an exhaustive historical record. Above all else, when the process ended, eventually. Editors should avoid getting into edit wars or contentious deletion discussions when trying to deal with recentism. The Recentism tag edit Some editors employ the Recentism tag Recentism at the top of articles to warn the reader that the content may be tilted toward recent perspectives. Or expanded, not to be confused with..

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Or deleted this includes any article about a subject only notable for that one event. An event that occurs in a certain geographic region might come to dominate an entire article about that region. And news sources published before the 1990s are not online or not searchable. Many major journals, magazines, what might seem at the time to be an excessive amount of information on recent topics actually serves the purpose of drawing in new readersand among them. Which was developed day by day as the trial and appeals process advanced. One example is the Pitcairn sexual assault trial of 2004. Any detailed subarticle relating to the event may also be either merged back into the main article. Potential new Wikipedians..

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