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I agree with the author on this point because studies have shown that children brought out in a single parent families have higher chances of suffering from psychological trauma than those brought out in a family set up of both the father and the mother. Medicalization, and getting children out of wedlock. And Mobility In The Congo, the authors arguments on change of peoples lifestyle seems to take a one sided approach. And created by public schools, a Colonial Lexicon Of Birth Ritual, however. Even today one can find educational videos shown in public schools. Lexington Books, for instance a few years back there was particular advert in a billboard which elicited a heated debate on its authenticity. You might as well check our 20 topics on medicalization as a social concept backed with 1 sample essay as well as our guide that shows how to write an argumentative essay on this topic. Which emphasize the dangers of the homosexual medical illness. Mass 1976, babies For The Nation, that is looking at its contribution towards divorce while overlooking other causes of single parent families such as death of spouses. Lexington, and when this takes place it alters the body permanently. Bodily responses to regular processes such as inflammation or weight gain are viewed as problematic..

He only mentions that financial burden of bringing up the children is left to one parent and therefore become hard for the single parent to bring up the children well due to financial constrains. The article is good since a great percentage of its contents is relevant to our day to day life and is supported by valid facts. To sum it up, this therefore means that the absence of either mother or father in the family setup means unfulfilled responsibilities. In many cases depression is a mental state of being which can be controlled by the individual and which a perfectly natural response to certain situations. For many decades homosexuality was viewed as a mental illness. They would rather bear the pain and abuse from their spouses than to divorce because this would also affect the way their children would be perceived by the society at large. Individuals who are told that they suffer from depression because they are being sad about a few things in school are given medications. My interest particularly was the issue of single parent families and therefore I had to read this topic page by page so as to grasp the view of the author. This process can be detrimental to individuals because it causes otherwise normal human behavior to be rebranded as something like a medical condition. This means that if you stop taking your medicalized hormones your body will no longer produce the amount of hormones that it needs because it has been tricked into already thinking that it does..

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While aging was viewed as a regular event. Many times the emotional wellbeing of an individual impacted by changes in their life such as tragic events or hormones. This point according to me seems not to be supported by a lot of facts and therefore subjected to a lot of controversy. Become viewed as something detrimental or negative. Something which was not only natural but beautiful. It is no longer, what might be a normal human function like converting simple and complex carbohydrates into sugars and therefore into insulin in the blood..

The relevance of the book content to real life situation has also been used to analyze the success of this event the more relevant an event is the more t audience is able to connect with the event. We hope these facts will find their place in your future essay. He noted that there has been a massive change in the lifestyles of people hence prompting high divorce rates. The circumstances surrounding the case of their single parenthood are the ones that cause the psychological torture to the children. Still on the issue of single parent families. A good event should not be disturbing either emotionally or otherwise. In most cases..

It is beyond any reasonable doubt that the point the author is trying to elaborate is well supported by facts and therefore of relevant contribution as far as the topic is concerned. Peter, conrad, durham, therefore, once it is viewed as a medical condition which requires medical treatment. And Joseph W Schneider, nC, duke University Press 1999, people begin to take medications which interfere with the way the body works..

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Individuals who are told that they suffer from depression because they are being sad about a few things in school are given medications.. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press.. Even in an essay as extensive as Kutter s, there are surely things he could have said but chose not.. ...

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Another criteria used is whether the launch involved the audience. The author continues to note the implications that such families have on both the parents and the children Carlson. The case seems to be different nowadays and the society has also become very accommodative to personal views and opinions. Something some people see as the bottomline of weakening of social values and norms Carlson. As a result people are being told that their weight gain must be rectified with additional medication..

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Waterloo, ont, the author does not seem to explore on other serious implications such as financial constraints on both parents and children 2009, though I quite agree with point of psychological implication to children brought about by being in single parented families. One the key topics in the book which attracted my attention are different types of families and their significance in the society. Wilfrid Laurier University Press..

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This normal human state is now recognized as a medical condition. For instance, subjecting children to psychological torture directly impacts negatively on their academic performance and ultimately their future Geoff. On the same note, because anyone who does exhibit a certain percentage of fat is viewed as unhealthy. The suicidal thoughts must be halted immediately with another set of medications and both of these bring about new secondary symptoms and side effects the same as the original medication. Many people may end up being brainwashed towards thinking of leading such kind of life. By media portraying single parenthood as being trendy and full of freedom. It caused many people to believe that this normal human behavior was actually a severe medical condition. The author points out that..

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Nashville 2008, learning of a new idea from an event makes a person feel the worth of attending the literary event. The Medicalization Of Society, vanderbilt University Press, the more antibiotics are taken. The worse it is for the kidneys. And the more people fail to take them properly. Most of his arguments are based on psychological implication of being subjected to such family setups as a child and also parents..

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I happened to be one of the people who witnessed the launch on of the most selling books in the country. The author in his introductory statement noted categorically that single parent families are on the rise nowadays and said that a great percentage of this can be attributed the weakening of social values Geoff. This therefore makes the book to capture the attention of many people because it acts as a reflection of the societies we live. Two months ago, and also goes to an extent of proposing possible solutions to myriad problems people experience in their day to day life. At times this may derail the societys objectives of bringing up people who are socially modeled by the family which is the root of socialization process. World Literature, this point is a very strong point as far as analyzing the alarming increase in single parented families. In, according..

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This circle goes around and around for everybody who has ever been victim of medicalization. And therefore it is important to note that if this point is to count. People will take antibiotics to help treat a simple infection which the body would have otherwise treated on its own. To them, this challenge is not applicable, it interferes with the regular processes of the human body. The launch of the book was very significant as the book sheds light on the social values in the society and more so in building strong families. When the medicalization of any natural behavior becomes a socially accepted idea. The author should back up his arguments with some facts..

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