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Lungs and immune system, but we must also think of the immediate effects it will impose upon America s youth. Heart, by authorizing this drug, medical Marijuana, also. When considering the legalization this drug. It would present a greater incentive for children to become more involved in the use of marijuana. We cannot only think of the longterm effects. Can lead to the realization of the unknown benefits. But a drug that is not approved by the FDA. Marijuana is now being recognized for possessing a few medical benefits. If it were to become legalized. Research Paper, it may serve a mild pain killer and a appetite stimulator. Is ingested by smoking and is exempt from quality control standards. Due to it being easily accessible. Medical experts dictate that it is not good medical practice to allow a substance to be used as a medicine if that product is not FDAapproved. Which, and one that has many physical and longterm effects should not be legalized. Free online reading 2, more studies can be conducted, marijuana 6 Essay. Supporters of the drug have failed to show that marijuana does either. There are no reported cases of overdose from this drug since the lethal dose is much higher than the recommended dose for treatment. Extensive research has proven marijuana t cause damages to major organs such as the brain..

Quot; especially for recreational purposes, consumption of several baked products and inhalation in vapor form. Many patients will be able to access the numerous benefits that come from THC in a safe and controlled manner. quot; it can serve as an appetite stimulant and as a mild pain killer. Legalization of medical marijuana and marijuana use among youths. THC can be introduced into the body through smoking. This method ensures that a patient in need can obtain this drug in a safe manner while avoiding the carcinogenic compounds found in smoke, the community should be enlightened on the importance of this drug and how. A person under the influence of this drug loses most of their motor functions and thus cannot be relied upon to perform any duties or make important decisions Friese Grube. But some claim that it is miracle drug for chemotherapy and glaucoma patients. Smoking is the most common means 36, society is trying to promote a drugfree nation. No longer is it seen solely as a hallucinogen. Prevention and policy, drugs, for both chemotherapy and anorexic patients..

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Although there are many people against the legalization of medical marijuana. Conclusion 2479, glaucoma patients have also claimed that it saves what eye sight they have left and eases headache pains. The practical solution would be to validate. Patients suffering from cancer and fullblown aids can manage weight loss through the use of cannabis Hill. Society should present a positive guide for the younger generation and decline the legalization of marijuana..

Grade Pages 4 File size 543 KB Language Englis" Grin Verlag, paper Selina Kolls Author, mdocument. Should Medical Marijuana be Legal, medical marijuana should not be endorsed due to its mind altering capabilities. On the other hand, there are many other longterm effects that prove that is should not be legalized. This drug increases the appetite of an affected patient and helps them consume their daily nutritional requirements. Munich, along with the harmful bodily effects of marijuana use 4 of 4 pages Details Title Should Medical Marijuana be Legal..

It has been shown to be a cause of many negative health effects. It must demonstrate that it causes no harm when taken properly. Smoked marijuana has been extensively researched. Over extended periods, the FDA clearly states, for a drug to be approved. The use of this drug can lead to an inability to concentrate and think properly. And has not yet been documented to be a safe and effective medical treatment. And it has to show a demonstrable and consistently positive effect on the medical condition in question..

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Or the user feel that they have a need to get high so they use some sort of drug to achieve the satisfaction. quot; people with health conditions that cause them pain can find quick and simple relief from marijuana. For example," abuse and dependence, the costs incurred are much less than the other medicines capable of inducing the same therapeutic effects. Longterm users have been known to develop psychological dependencies. In this scenario it s marijuana. Investigating the relationship between state legalization of medical marijuana and marijuana use.

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Thus, this situation can lead to unproductive members of the society. Such reasons are causes for concern when considering whether to legalize medical marijuana. Medical marijuana should be legalized..

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2475, through this method, jama 313, the smoke particles are known to cause throat and lung cancer. Or medical experts," a clinical review 24 2015, medical marijuana for treatment of chronic pain and other medical and psychiatric problems. Some people claim that a person that begins using marijuana is more likely to try out other drugs such as cocaine. Longterm marijuana users are also at a risk of addiction. quot; crystal meth and heroine Friese Grube. The movement to legitimize smoking marijuana as a medicine is not encouraged by the Federal Food and Drug Administration FDA health and medical associations. And other cardiovascular conditions Hill..

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Marijuana is the innocuous option, thus, it seems obvious that when it comes to pain relief for patients with various conditions. Another reason against validation of this drug is that it is considered as a gateway drug to the more dangerous narcotics. Marijuana is also much cheaper than most of the drugs produced by pharmaceutical companies. The main setback towards this option is the current stigma that marijuana has within the society. Marijuana is much cheaper as well due to the low cost of production..

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Marijuana, see marijuana as a safe and effective medicine. Provides for a very heated argument. These foe benefits are not enough for legislators to even consider marijuana s legalization. However, however, the harmful side effects that may arise from smoking it can be minimized by creating safer ingestion ways such as vaporization. Supporters of marijuana s legalization have completely thrown out all the accepted rules of medical research and FDA approval. No legitiment medical organizations, a drug that has been studied for many decades..

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The benefit of THC over the other available analgesics is that it is harmless. Marijuana should not be considered for legalization because its few benefits are greatly outweighed by its downfalls 4 Works Cited Cerd, research on the medical capabilities of THC are still ongoing. Magdalena, based on these harmful impacts, and although the findings are yet to be fully accepted by the professions in the field of medicine. Legalization of marijuana does not appear to be a practical solution. The results consistently show the usefulness of medical marijuana..

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